Descend “El Camino de la Muerte" or Death Road on bike!! Adrenaline doesn't stop running through your veins from the start, in the mountains at 4700 meters above sea level (or 15420 feet above sea level), to the end of the road at 1200 meters above sea level (3940feet asl) at the beginning of the amazon. You can't miss this opportunity to beat the most feared road.

The adventure continues in Rurrenabaque. Known as the Pearl of the Amazon, this Natural Reserve is full of life. Surround yourself with the rainforest, dozens of monkey species, hundreds of bird species and the inexhaustible biodiversity of Rurrenabaque.Ride small riverboats in the night to go crocodile watching, visit indigenous communities, feel the sun, relax in a river bath and enjoy this wonderful world.

Tris wonderful adventure ends in Toro Toro, one of the best National Parks in Bolivia. You will find Bolivia's deepest cave here, where prehistoric blind fish still live in its subterranean lakes.
On the road to Toro Toro, where you can practice hiking and scaling, you will also be able to observe different species of dinosaur's footprints. Don't miss this extreme prehistoric adventure!!


Tour begins in: La Paz
Tour ends in: Cochabamba
  • Coroico Biking Camino de la muerte (1D)
  • Tour a Reserva Serere -Rurrenabaque (3D2N)
  • Tour a ToroToro (2D1N)


  • Accommodation for 7 nights

Doesn't Include

  • Personal Spending
  • Tips

Bring with

  • Sun Screen
  • Warm Clothes
  • Hat
  • Comfortable Hiking Shoes
  • Raincoat
  • Bug Spray
  • Swimsuit

Madidi National Park

The Madidi National Park is a protected area of virgin forest filled with outstanding tropical fauna and flora. Over 1,000 bird species, monkeys, jaguars, caimans, fish, it is a nature's lover paradise. Day and night hikes are available as well as boat tours. According to National Geographic in a special edition of the prestigious international Traveller magazine has listed the Madidi National Park as one of the 20 most important tourist destinations in the world.

Mountain Biking on the Death Road

Biking down the Death Road is an adrenaline filled experience like no other. The adventure starts at 4,700 meters above see level (15,420 ft) where a bus drops you off. After the guide explains all the recommendations and checks the equipment, a downhill rollercoaster takes you up to 70 km/hour (45 mph) through inimaginable sights of different ecosystems and climates to the Amazon jungle.

Toro Toro Canyon and El Vergel

A magnificent natural canyon that allows you to admire the landscape from an overlook at the top. Hiking next to the calm river it is easy to find birds, rocks with capricious forms and waterfalls coming through the walls of the canyon. Natural ponds formed by the waterfalls make for a great and refreshing swimming experience.

Stone City - Itas

This touristic atraction was named after the strange rock formations that collectively appear as a Degas' fantastic dream of a city. The stone city welcomes you into its halls, corridors, the gothic cathedral and its large bizarre shapes.

Umajalanta Caverns

These caves are considered the deepest ones in Bolivia. They are filled with stalactites, stalagmites, paths and tunnels. The caves take you to a Jules Verne style adventure to underground rivers. Some of the underground lagoons are home to rare prehistoric blind fish.

Dinosaurs footprints

One of the main atractions of Toro Toro are the thousands of dinosaur footprints. Visit to this sites are a usual part of the visits to the Canyon or the caves. The footprints are uncovered in new places by natural erosion while others get covered in the same process. The National Park Toro Toro is one of the richest paleontological places of Bolivia, and one of the few places on earth where it is still possible to take a close look at the magnificent footprints.

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La Paz is located at the north-west side of Bolivia. It neighbors to the north with Pando, to the south with Oruro, to the east with Beni and Cochabamba and to the west with Peru and Chile.The city was built on the Choqueyapu river banks. The river divides the city and runs from north to south. La Paz offers one of the most impressive landscapes because of its location in a deep basin and the presence of Mount Illimani that is part of the Royal Andes Mountain Range.

Coroico is located in the Nor-Yungas Province of the department of La Paz. It lays in the middle of the Cotapata Santa Barbara National Park, 100 km north-east from the city of La Paz. The town of Coroico was built on the Uchumani plateau. This is an elevated site surrounded by the Santa Barbara and Vagantes rivers. The area is composed by tropical and humid valleys with high mountains densely covered by vegetation.

Rurrenabaque is located at the northern region of Bolivia, in the José Ballivian province of the Department of Beni . The landscape shows small mountains surrounded by rivers and covered by rain forest. The town of Rurrenabaque is located by the Beni river.

Toro Toro is located in the Province of Charca in north Potosi. However, the best access is with ground transportation from Cochabamba. En route to Toro Toro it is possible to visit the towns of Cliza and Anzaldo. The town of Toro Toro was built on a flat area surrounded by the Huayllas and Condor Khaka mountains. This area is part of the dry mesothermic valleys characterized by deep canyons, valleys and waterfalls. The combination of geological formations and natural landscapes make for an outstanding view. The region of Toro Toro is belived, by some, to have been part of the coastline during prehistoric times. There is a theory about a cataclism and the ongoing movement of tectonic plates that explains the presence of marine fosiles, water turtle fosiles and others. Many dinosaur footprints are also found in this region.


The city of La Paz average altitude 3,600 mamsl(11,800


The city of La Paz usually has a cold weather with a sunny sky. The average temperature is 8 degrees celsius (46 F). From La Paz it is easy to get to Rurrenabaque that has a tropical climate, warm and humid or to Lake Titicaca that offers a cool refreshing andean environment.

Coroico's weather is tropical, warm and humid with an average of 22 C (72 F)

Rurrenabaque's average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius (79 F). The climate is tropical, warm and humid, typical of the Amazon region.

Toro Toro's weather is temperate with an average of 26 C.

How to get there?

La Paz:There are many ways to arrive to La Paz. There is an International Airport in El Alto where airlines from all over the world arrive. It is also posible to get there by bus through Copacabana, Oruro and Cochabamba city.

Coroico: From the city of La Paz

  • 3 hours with private transportation
  • 7 hours by bike (on the Death Road)

Rurrenabaque is accesible by ground and air transportation primarily from La Paz City.

From La Paz:

  • 40 minutes by airplane
  • 12 hours by bus

Toro Toroby is just accesibe by ground from Cochabamba
  • 6 hours with public transportation
  • 4.5 hours with private transportation

Fauna and Flora

Rurrenabaque's territory contains areas with different ecological characteristics which is a main factor for the biological diversity. 4,838 species of vascular plants were recorded along with 500 species of fish, 72 species of mammals, 56 species of reptiles and 35 species of amphibians. There are 3 types of forests in this region: the evergreen forest, the subandean pluvial forest and the humid low Yungas forest or high amazonic forest. Among the most common animals you'll find are the blue bearded macaw, a variety of monkeys, the wetland deer, the tatu (giant armadillo), the pink river dolphin, the river turtle, the anteater, lizards, caimans, snakes and if you are lucky you can even spot a cougar or a jaguar.

Toro Toro 329 plant species have been registered and 49 animal species. Some of the interesting animals of the region are the taruca (andean deer), cougar (andean cat) and the red-fronted macaw.

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